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Team-building for 30? Birthday for 50? Product launch for 200? We’ve got a space for you.

There is no other location in the entire country of this size and dynamism with the same quality and variety of food of Hole in the Wall.

Hole in the Wall can seat 400 people, but because of our layout, you can easily pick out an enclosed space for your own private event. We have several areas that can seat groups starting at just 25 people.


Since no two events are the same, we usually customize packages for each of our clients. But if you want to start planning your budget, we start at the following prices:

Inclusive of VAT and subject to 6% SC.

The entire amount is consumable within the event date, but can go up according to your special requests or needs. If you want to receive a quote, send us a message so we can get your event details and see what we can do for you.

Event Formats

Since Hole in the Wall is a food hall, we have three unique dining options we do for your event. You can choose between:

The Hole in the Wall Experience: You’ll receive the entire amount in Hole in the Wall money so you can just distribute it to your guests so they’ll be free to choose what they’ll order. We recommend this method if you want your food to be fresh because each guest can get their meal straight from the kitchen.

Set Menu: You can pre-order a menu and have it served to your guests at specific times. This method is ideal if you have a smaller event, and want a customized menu to fit your guest’s needs and dietary preferences.

Traditional Catering: Open only for events with a minimum of 60 people, we can setup a service table with your event’s food with help from our servers. You’ll be able to choose the menu together with our general manager.

Holding an Independent Workshop

We would love to support independent people and organizations who are doing great work but still need all the support they can get. If you’re a small and/or independent organization or person and you’d want to hold a talk, gathering, or workshop, we want to work with you. Host a free event.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide AV equipment?

    Yes, we have the basic equipment like a projector, speakers and a microphone. For other special requests, let us know so we can arrange for it if possible.

  • What’s the minimum number of people needed for an event?

    30 people. Technically you can go below 30, we would still need to bill the same rate as 30 people as our minimum fee.

  • Can we make noise?

    Our rule of thumb for noise is that it shouldn’t bother the rest of our guests dining at Hole in the Wall. If you book the entire space, this shouldn’t be a problem. If not, let us know what your needs are.

  • Can we change the decor?

    This depends on how extensive it is and if we’ll need to tear down or damage any of our existing decor. It would be best to discuss it with us.

  • Can we get a discount?

    We’ve done our best to make our rates very reasonable. For independent organizations and non-profits, you can hold a free event.

  • How soon do we need to book?

    We’ll need to know about your event at least two weeks ahead of time. If you’re planning to do an event with us, make sure to book now to check for availability.

  • Do you have parking spaces?

    Century City Mall, where we’re located, has plenty of parking spaces that your event guests can use. There are also plenty of public transportation options in the area.

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