Have Your Special Day with Us!

Whether you want to host an intimate team-building event, a grand product launch, or the birth of your fiftieth child, we’ve got you covered. Book a personal tour with one of our friendly managers right now to get started.


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Bring and impress your guests in an unrivaled space with the most dynamic food choices in the country.

Customize your dining experience. Build a set menu around your favorite dishes, or let each guest select their own food & drink.

Get hotel-quality service from our hardworking and genuine staff and complete your event without a hitch.


  • How much are your fees?


    Rates vary depending on each event based on several factors: time and day, complexity, food choices, location within Hole in the Wall, and others. Book a personal tour with our manager to receive a formal quotation.

  • Can I get a discount?


    We can offer more flexible fees during the weekdays and afternoons. If you plan to hold an event during those hours, we can accommodate you better.

  • How many people can you seat?


    Hole in the Wall can seat 500 people including the patio area. If you want everyone within the airconditioned space, we can seat about 380. If you have a much smaller group, other areas can seat as little as 20-30 people.

  • Do you have a minimum number of guests per event?


    We do not impose a minimum number of guests, but a minimum consumable fee, which starts at P15,000 per event.

  • How does booking Hole in the Wall work?


    Given our unique setup, there are 3 options:

    Free-for-all: You'll purchase an x amount of Hole in the Wall money, which you can distribute among your guests, which they can use to select their own food. This is the complete Hole in the Wall experience.

    Buffet: You'll select items from our events menu and we will setup a buffet table within your area.

    Family Style: You'll select items from our ala carte events and food & drink will be served on your table in sharing options.

  • Do you provide AV equipment?


    Yes, in certain areas and during certain times of the day. Book a tour for more information.

  • Can we change the music?


    Yes, you can play Britney Spears if you book the entire space.

  • Can we change the decor?


    That depends on the type of decor and the extent of your decorations. If you will book the entire space, sure.

  • Can we hire mascots/emcees/clowns?


    That depends on the type of people you'll hire and how disruptive they'll be on the floor to other guests. If you will book the entire space, sure.