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Hole in the Wall is a curated food hall for People Who Really Like Food.

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Hole in the Wall is a concept from Lowbrow Casual Restaurants. Our newsletter also includes stuff from our other stores.

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Our Food Concepts

Bad Bird

The result of painstaking experimentation with umami, Bad Bird is a groundbreaking fried chicken restaurant winning diners one bird at a time.

Any Any

Made by Nicco Santos of Your Local and Hey Handsome, Any Any does a tight menu of personalized nasi lemak and housemade rotis fresh and hot.

The Beef

Widely considered one of the best hamburgers in the country, The Beef serves a spartan menu with just three excellent products: a hamburger, cheeseburger, and fries.


Famry serves hot, fresh, broth-infused “bunplings” together with a bare-bones menu of minced pork rice and fruit blended soy milk.

Liberation Shawarma

A fun and irreverent take on shawarma, Liberation Shawarma serves non-traditional Shawarma that’s heavy on the spices.


Posporo serves a fun take of Filipino-Mexican food. Get street tacos with toppings such as house-made tocino, and chicken inasal.


Bored of the usuals for breakfast, Workdesk Coffee serves a unique menu of healthy but filling sandwich inspired savory waffles, chia bowls and specially blended coffee to grab-and-go.

Serious Dough

For those who want their pizza by the slice, served piping hot with a crispy-chewy dough, Serious Dough makes its own pizza daily and fires them up on the go.

Scout’s Honor

Helmed by Chefs Miko Aspiras and Kristine Lotilla, Scout’s Honor is the first craft cookie bar where you can pick your dough, toppings, and have your cookie baked on the spot.

Milk Trade

Inspired by Hong Kong’s desserts, Milk Trade sells a simple menu of chilled steamed milk and egg waffles.

Smoky Bastard

With an impressive selection of local handcrafted beers and cocktails, Smoky Bastard provides the perfect pairing to any meal.

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